About Musa

Hello Family!

Welcome to my world.

I am Musa Bello, popularly known as Sodium.


Musa is a Transformational Speaker, Professional MC, and an Empathy Strategist. He is a thought leader on emotional intelligence, empathy, relational intelligence, self-esteem, purpose, and personal development. He is the founder of Empathy and Relational Intelligence Academy and the Chief Empathy Officer (CEO) of Mubell Diversified Ltd.

He helps individuals and organizations improve their emotional and social wellbeing faster and easier than you can ever imagine. His engaging speeches catalyze changes and bring about long-lasting results. He loves helping others grow meaningful relationships that make living worthwhile. He helps organizations build a culture of empathy.


He is the MC great brands and individuals turn to when they want their events to be engaging and memorable.

As a chemist, he discovered that the chemistry that truly matters is the chemistry between human beings.

Tribe: Humanity

Genotype: Optimism (O+)

Hobbies:  Reading, writing, listening to great minds, and making shoes.