Mubell Empathy & Relational Intelligence Academy (MERIA)

Mission: To inspire compassionate leadership and build meaningful relationships that thrive.

We enhance empathy and interpersonal relationships in life and work. Mubell Empathy and Relational Intelligence academy offer teaching, training, consultation, and research to improve empathy in the workplace. We develop models and tools to enhance interpersonal relationships. We offer evidence-based empathy education that optimizes the student experience and promotes respectful, compassionate, and effective communication in life, work, and love. Our courses help you become emotionally agile and skilful to navigate your emotions and develop intentional and sustainable empathy throughout your lifetime.

We believe the world needs a more empathetic and compassionate leader to build a society where everyone feels loved and inspired to be their best to contribute their quota to the development of society through collaboration and teamwork.

Courses offered include:
  1. Leading with Empathy
  2. Compassionate communication
  3. Relational Intelligence:
    The new bottom-line
  4. Introduction to emotional agility.

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